Dr. Bruno Ruggiero, Ph.D., CEO


Bruno founded 9th Dimension Biotech, Inc. in 2013 to further his mission of creating a breakthrough path for the commercialisation and implementation of the world’s most advanced, scientifically tested, university certified discoveries in the fields of agriculture and human health. 

Discoveries, Research & Development

Bruno is a trained plant geneticist, the discoverer of the key NCED-3/STO1 plant gene for agricultural yield stability, a leading expert in the field of mammalian and plant cellular life and death cycles,   Having earned a Ph.D. in Plant Physiology from the University of Tuscia in Viterbo, his Laurea Degree from La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy, and having passed the Board Exam for Professional Biologists in Italy, Dr. Ruggiero’s research has distinguished itself as highly significant to our understanding towards the mechanisms of cell response to stress and the modulation of cell growth under stress.   His work spans from plant stress physiology to biomedical research.

Founding Biotech

Bruno is a biotech pioneer with over two decades of national and international contributions through his research and industry. As the founder CEO of FuturaGene, Inc. and Plc.. and as the CEO of D-Helix, Inc. – both biotech companies, which continue to create jobs and promote research in the US and worldwide - Bruno's entrepreneurial work has directly contributed to the development and growth of the United States Biotechnology Industry. 

Honors and Philanthropic Work

In 2016, Bruno was honoured to receive a US “Einstein Visa” as a recognition for his social and economic contributions to the United States.

In 2004, as CEO of the FuturaGene Group, Bruno donated $904,000 to Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, to further research on the human health applications of plant PR5 proteins. Since then and throughout his career, Bruno has continuously supported R&D efforts in basic science.

He has sat on the Consortium for Plant Biotechnology Research Member Committee and was an invitee and  a participant at the Inaugural Meeting of the Science and Technology in Society Forum held in Kyoto, Japan, 2004 alongside Nobel Laureates and Heads of State.



Mobile: (+39) 392-379-2750